Service Service The services industry represents an increasingly attractive opportunity in the Riau Islands Province. As population and living standards rise, it is increasingly becoming a destination where people work for a few years before returning to the villa... MORE_DETAIL
Riau Island Souvenir Riau Island Souvenir    Batik gong-gong It's not complete when they travel to Tanjungpinang but did not bring a souvenir batik gong gong. Batik whose name was adopted from the typical food of the Riau Islands Province has now become legitimate batik Tanjungpinang cit... MORE_DETAIL
Hotel in Lingga Hotel in Lingga Hotel Prima Inn, Lingga  Prima Inn Hotel offers a comfortable nd quiet concept of sty to all visiting guests. Located in the middle of city, the hotel gets organized from time to time to provide stisfaction to the staying guests. The rooms and faci... MORE_DETAIL
Getting There Getting There To Batam  List of flight from / to Batam : Fire Fly : Subang (Malaysia). Garuda Indonesia : Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan. Citilink : Jakarta, Surabaya. Lion Air : Jakarta, Jambi, Medan, Pekanbaru, Surabaya. Sriwijaya Air : Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, ... MORE_DETAIL
Save Kekah Save Kekah Kekah Monkey is a primate that lives only in Natuna District, in Banguran Besar Island. Kekah Monkey of Natuna is the most seriously endangered animal. One of its biggest threat is the lost of habitat due to land conversion and hunts. Many people wan... MORE_DETAIL
Special Interest Tours Special Interest Tours   Diving  Riau Islands Province is one of the clearest waters in Indonesia. A paradise for lovers of sport diving. Almost all waters in personality, have an awesome sports diving, coral reefs form a variety of shapes and colors that are still nat... MORE_DETAIL
Manucfacturing & Assembly Manucfacturing & Assembly There are wide range of opportunities for both light and heavy manufacturing and assembly across the Riau Islands Province. This sector accounts for approximately 60% of Gross Regional Domestics Product and The Batamindo Industrial Park and Bintan ... MORE_DETAIL
Culinary Tourism Culinary Tourism GONG GONG Gong Gong is a typical food or snail communities in Riau Islands Province. These snacks are usually treated with boiled and eaten just like that with special sauce. Gong gong is not only famous but also known Riau Islands Province up to Ma... MORE_DETAIL
Ship Building Ship Building The Riau Islands Province is an ideal location to base facilities that require substantial space and proximity to maritime shipping lanes such as shipbuilding and heavy industry. The maritime sector continues to be an important segment of the Riau... MORE_DETAIL

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