Historical Tours Historical Tours SULTAN MOSQUE RIAU MIDGE The mosque, which became the pride of the Malay is built on the 1st Shawwal 1249 H (1832 AD) on the initiative of King Abdurrahman Yang Pertuan Muda Riau VII implementation of development involving the whole community in the... MORE_DETAIL
Beach Tourism Beach Tourism Lagoi, Bintan Lagoi is an exclusive integrated tourism area in bintan island that offers a stretch of exotic beaches, complete with a line of world-class resort. At least, there are nine in the coastal resort located at the junction of the waters be... MORE_DETAIL
Free Trade Zone Free Trade Zone  BATAM BINTAN KARIMUN FREE TRADE ZONE On 19th January 2009, the President of the Republic of Indonesia officially launched Batam-Bintan-Karimun as Free Trade Zone which started to commence on 1st April 2009, based on the Ministry of Finance Regul... MORE_DETAIL
Cultural Tourism Cultural Tourism  DRAGON BOAT RACE, TANJUNG PINANG Dragon boat races or better known as the Dragon Boat Race, is a nuanced sport culture that started in 1992. The dragon boat races were raised from a tradition of religious ritual in Tanjungpinang Chinese community,... MORE_DETAIL
Manucfacturing & Assembly Manucfacturing & Assembly There are wide range of opportunities for both light and heavy manufacturing and assembly across the Riau Islands Province. This sector accounts for approximately 60% of Gross Regional Domestics Product and The Batamindo Industrial Park and Bintan ... MORE_DETAIL
Hotel in Bintan Hotel in Bintan    Nirwana Garden Resort, Bintan  To perfect your weekend vacation, enjoy quiet and relaxing atmosphere in one of the most beautiful resorts in Bintan. Together with Nirwana Garden Resort, this resort is one of the most famous resorts frequently... MORE_DETAIL
Save Kekah Save Kekah Kekah Monkey is a primate that lives only in Natuna District, in Banguran Besar Island. Kekah Monkey of Natuna is the most seriously endangered animal. One of its biggest threat is the lost of habitat due to land conversion and hunts. Many people wan... MORE_DETAIL
Shopping Tourism Shopping Tourism   RIAU ISLANDS PROVINCE MALL, BATAM Put Riau Islands Province Mall in listing visit when you explore the city of Batam. Mall locations are located in Simpang Kabil intersection linking the direction of Nagoya, Batam Center, Mukakuning and Hang Nad... MORE_DETAIL
Hotel in Batam Hotel in Batam   Harris Hotel and Resort Integrating the concept of hotel and resort, Harris hotel and resort is one of the places of stay as well as famous vacation destination in batam. It is located in waterfront city, batam about one hour from downtown, jodo... MORE_DETAIL
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City & Regency Riau Islands Province



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