Lagoi, Bintan

Lagoi is an exclusive integrated tourism area in bintan island that offers a stretch of exotic beaches, complete with a line of world-class resort. At least, there are nine in the coastal resort located at the junction of the waters between Singapore, Malaysia and the island of Sumatra. Access to Lagoi it's fairly easy. Through the ground can be reached in a matter of 60 minutes from the city Tanjungpinang. Sumatra via sea, using speedboat, Lagoi even more easily accessible, that is take the route from the Port of Sri Bintanpura or directly from the countries neighboring Singapore.


Bintan agro, beach resort 

Bintan agro beach resort has the longest and sloping coastline with the spread of white and warm sand. Since long time ago, this beach has the favorite arena for water sport enthusiast. Kite surfing banana boat, great big mable, snorkeling, kayaking, as well as flying fish are some of the common activities done by people here. In case you don’t want to get tried, sunbathing or walking along the beach is other interesting activities to be done while visiting the beach.



Trikora beach, Bintan

Trikora beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the village of Malang Rapat, District Gunung Kijang Bintan or about 45 kilometers towards East Direction Tanjungpinang. Long coastline stretches up to 25 kilometers, the longest in the Riau Islands Province. Additionally da clean clear water, along the shore you can see the rows of towering palm trees. View the more perfect by the presence of large chunks of stones various shapes and forms bigger than many places, edges, up to the middle of the sea




Melur Beach, Batam

Melur Beach is one of the existing row of beautiful beach on Galang Island, Batam. Located not far from the former Refugee Camp Vietnam, this beach has a beautiful face. Rather long coastline and white sand surface brownish-white sand. Waves were also relatively quiet while in him have been decorated with several small islands, no less captivating. To get there, you must go through the Trans Barelang, across five major bridges pride of Batam.



Pongkar beach, Karimun

Visit Karimun regency, not to escape visited Pongkar Beach. Located in the Village District Pongkar cliffs, this beach does not have a true long coastline but in Lotus vast expanse of sand, clean white again. The beautyies more perfect by the presence of pine trees that in a line neatly along the back beach. Sunbathing, bathing, swimming or lounging under the shade of pine trees while enjoying the sea wind are a few things you can do when they travel there.



Beach side, Natuna

This is the only beach in the Riau Islands Province archipelago that successfully holds the status as the world's best natural beaches, islands magazine, September 2006 issue. Located in the district Serasan, Natuna regency side beach is beautiful lines long beaches, with vast stretches of fine sand and snow white tub. Surrounding waters are very clear, and underneath lay a farrago of coral reefs that are preserved naturalness. A paradise for lovers of marine tourism.



Penaah Island beach, Lingga

Located in the district Senayang, Lingga regency, Penaah Island is an exotic island has a stunning panorama. Contoured ramps, this island has a beautiful coastline dibentangi natural white sand. Crystal clear waters surrounded colored greenish blue, the island is included in the listing nautical favorite tourist destinations in Riau Islands Province. Many things you can do there, from bathing, swimming, playing beach volleyball, fishing, diving, snorkeling, island hopping to just relax under the gazebo while enjoying the sea breeze.




 Melang Padang beach, Anambas

The beach is located in the district this Jemaja has long been named as the leading beach tourism icons in Anambas district. Stretch of sand bypass to two regions, urban and rural Letung hill rice, with a total length of eight kilometers. Remarkably, this coastline, all sprinkled with white sand surface and smooth. The water is clear and calm undulating sea was Sagat. A perfect destination for lovers of beach tourism.




Durai Island, Anambas

Mandatory, not to escape Anambas Island cruising. Being in the South China Sea and just a few miles from the island at the forefront of Indonesia's island is like a hidden paradise. Visited this place, you will be treated to the natural beaches, crystal clear waters and underwater devastating charm. And do not forget, if you explore the island, a time to see it "live" amazing moments when the line turtles crawled onto the sand to lay their eggs.

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Source : Tourism Promotion Board of Riau Islands Province

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