Riau Islands Province is one of the clearest waters in Indonesia. A paradise for lovers of sport diving. Almost all waters in personality, have an awesome sports diving, coral reefs form a variety of shapes and colors that are still natural. Clear water makes visibility (visibility) seemed without limit. So that you can enjoy the charm of the sea bottom and habitats that grow and live in it with very freely. Here are some dive sites that can be recommended to you: Abang Island (Batam), Penaah (Linga), Bawah Island (Anambas), Senua Island (Natuna), Tambelan (Bintan), etc.




For the fishing hobbyist, Riau Islands Province may be an inspiration for you to try out your fishing hobby, even activities that are in need of patience this high, every year made by a number of regular events such as the local government in Karimun regency. But beyond the routine event, when they travel to Riau Islands Province, you can vent your hobby with fishing in a number of locations on the island such as Penaah and embedded (Linga) Abang Island (Batam) Chicken Island (Anambas) Setanau Island (Natuna) Moro Island (Karimun) etc.





Trekking along the rivers, mountains and forests is a challenging activity that is very easy to do in the Riau Islands Province. Too many options and certainly almost all spot has its own challenges and seed. But for those of you who have not experienced, to try out activities outside the space must be accompanied by a guide so that you are comfortable and safe. Number of locations in Riau Islands Province favorite trekking you can try of them were trekking down the mountain Daik in Lingga, rivers and waterfalls in Anambas temburun, mountains and waterfalls Ranai in Natuna, mountain Penjatan in Karimun etc.



Surfing & Kite surfing

For those of you who like surfing and kite surfing Riau Islands Province offer some challenging beaches. But one of the most favorite is the beach Lagoi that are integrated tourism Bintan, Bintan, waves in the water very much characterized by challenging the surfers hunted. In addition to Bintan, Bintan Agro beach resort also offers kite surfing tour.





Riau Islands Province waters are crystal clear and the coral reefs are preserved ornate kealamianya is a haven for your fans that you can try snorkeling, especially in some areas such as in the waters Anambas Islands (Durai Island, Chicken Island, Strait Ransang) Natuna (Senua Island, Sea Island ). Others you can try it on the island and Mapur Tambelan (Bintan), Penaah Island (Linga) and Abang Island (Batam).




Mangrove Tour

Members traveled down mangroves sensation especially for those of you who like adventure to the environment freely. Activities in the Riau Islands Province is easily done, as well a variety of location options. Most can be done in the Mangrove neighborhood not far from the population, but that would be extreme. Could be try in the forests that are rarely touched people like Resun River (Linga), River Air (Anambas) as well as a number of waters in Bintan. Tour packages explore mangrove forest also has a lot to offer like in Batam or Bintan.




ATV Wheel

For you fans world of  auto-adventure, drive ATV Wheel, Air-way down the steep tracks, potholes and winding course offers its own sensation. If visiting Riau Islands Province, the activities you can do in a number of resorts and golf course like in Batam and Bintan. ATV wheel drive package usually is accompanied by other outbound tour packages like fly bond such as the flying fox or other outdoor activities. Rates, customized to each manager.





For those of you who have the guts and courage big enough, then there is no harm if you try this exercise. The resulting sensation of parasailing is certainly called for at once exciting, because on top of the parachute, you will be drawn by using a high-speed boat to make you fly float in the air. Batam is a sport that challenges the adrenaline can be tried in a number of temporary city waterfront resort in Bintan also provide similar facilities.





Outbound tour packages are offered by a number of resorts, golf course managers are indeed special to manage outbound travel in the Riau Islands Province. Package is intended for those who love to exercise outside this room views usually include flying fox, trekking, hiking to cycling or cycling. Usually this is done by outbound tour groups or group, more than five people, so the atmosphere is festive and become better.





Airsoft gun

Are you hobby of playing at war? Pay a visit to the Riau Islands Province. Then your hobby will be distributed with the game airsoft gun. By setting the wild, these war games will be felt like a real war. By using bullet paint (paint gun) and the maximum protective equipment, your war is guaranteed safe and enjoyable.





Kelong Fishing pond

Fishing activities should not be done in the middle of the curved, but there are other more fun way, which is fishing in pond can be called a floating or kelong. This activity will more enjoy the fishing pond when backed with comfortable amenities such as lodging and restaurants. To make it happen, you can visit one of the areas in Trikora Kelong, Bintan regency. If it can the results of your fishing line that can be cooked immediately or burned and eaten together.





Source : Tourism Promotion Board of Riau Islands Province


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