Put Riau Islands Province Mall in listing visit when you explore the city of Batam. Mall locations are located in Simpang Kabil intersection linking the direction of Nagoya, Batam Center, Mukakuning and Hang Nadim Airport. The mall building consists of three floors. First floor is a cafe area, optical and one well-known shopping center Carrefour. For those of you who want to find a wide variety of fashion mode, please go up to the second floor of the mall. Of class boutiques, outlets, distributions to Matahari Department Store, available in full in there. While on the third floor, there are rides Time Zone and several fashion outlets.


Located in the civic center, which is adjacent to government offices such as the BP Zone (BIDA) and Batam Government, five-story mall is easily accessible from any direction. It's right in front of the International Ferry Terminal Batam Center. Pure concept mall, mega mall has a composition of 60% tenant mix of national and 40% local tenants. Open from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm, Mega mall has four entrances for anyone who wants access to it, the east door, door 2 door and the north and west.




Super block Nagoya hill is one of the leading malls in Batam. To achieve this it is easy because it is located right in the heart of Nagoya City. From Harbour Bay Ferry Port Batuampar, Super block Nagoya Hill are all within five minutes while for those of you who stay in Nagoya Area, just a short walk to reach the shopping center consists of four floors, each of which is filled by tenants-tenants ranging from boutique, restaurants, book stores, electronic outlets and hp, playground children to entertainment facilities such as cafes, cinemas and billiard arena.





DC Mall Area is located Tanjunguma. Easily reached from anywhere, because it is adjacent to a mate and Nagoya. DC Mall This mall is the bearer of the concept and the first trade center in Batam. Alternatively shopping destinations, the mall is providing the needs of what you need in a variety of fashion products mainly Muslim fashion, ranging from kebaya jilbab, mukena up koko sold here, including electronic devices such as laptops and computers. DC Mall is also occupied by a number of different needs, including fruits, vegetables, meats and fresh seafood as well as the grand store that focuses on selling a variety of fashion products, household supplies and glassware.



BCS is a prestigious big mall that has a strategic location in Baloi area, easily accessible from anywhere as a family shopping and leisure center, BSC has a myriad of fittings to meet the needs of visitors Baloi domestic and foreign tourists. In this mall, you can shop from the daily needs of fashion products, electronic, hp up various household needs. There exist also entertainment center here like bowling, billiards and game rides "Time Zone" to jazz as well as pamper guests, BCS mall often hold a variety of events or entertainment to bring in artists capital city.




Harbour Bay Mall is a famous shopping center in Batam that you can make shopping when visiting tourist destinations in the island city. In this mall, you can find miscellaneous fashion products, accessories and jewelry. Assorted clothes, watches, perfumes and knicks-knacks made jewelry at home and abroad, are also available in full in a number of boutiques that are in floor i one and two. A variety of products ranging from cosmetics, shoes and bags are also other beauty completeness can easily be met in there. On the ground floor, there is a shopping center store "Carrefour"




Lucky Plaza is one of the pioneers of the plaza was built in the 1990s. From the first, this plaza is known as mobile shopping paradise on Batam Island. In this plaza, you can easily get phones from various brands that are generally valuable slant. Start of a new output products to the already second hand. But let the former, hand phone dealers who sold there quite good quality. Because mostly imported from Singapore. In this shopping center, you also can shop fashion products, handbags, watches, shoes and a variety of gold jewelry products.





Ramayana is one of the favorite shopping centers in the city of Tanjung Pinang. The location is easy to reach because it is located right near the office of Governor of Riau Islands Province, precisely in the way Wiratno. From Sri Bintan Pura Harbour, can be reached in less than ten minutes. In this shopping center you can buy a variety of needs such as fashion products, cosmetics, cd to the glasses. There are also some boutiques here, such liza collection, which sells specialist cosmetic supplies. For those who love to read, you can also find books in Salemba Bookstore.





Bestari Mall is located just a few hundred meters from the port of Sri Bintan Pura Tanjung Pinang. The shopping center offers a wide range of goods and necessities such as shoes, clothes, accessories as well as products of other branded fashion. There are also some electronic stores. While those of you who want to buy a ferry ticket to Singapore here there are places selling ferry tickets. Lotus bookstore in the mall are also located on this road Teuku Umar.





Visit Bintan Indah Mall to satisfy your shopping hobby while in Tanjungpinang. Here you can shop for a variety of products so for example handbags, shoes, clothes, baby equipment, etc. Being on the road. Bintan Indah Mall very easy to find, because of the proximity to Sri Bintan Pura Harbour. You can also buy all souvenirs of handicrafts Tanjung Pinang here.






Source : Tourism Promotion Board of Riau Islands Province


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