Gong Gong is a typical food or snail communities in Riau Islands Province. These snacks are usually treated with boiled and eaten just like that with special sauce. Gong gong is not only famous but also known Riau Islands Province up to Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand to India because of the taste and rich aroma. In Riau Islands Province alone, these marine animals are found in the waters Lobam Village, Tanjung Uban, Bintan Island, and Batam. Gong gong nutrient content is very high even some believe to eat gong gong, capable merasang growth hormone and increases vitality.





Tapempa or Siantan noodles, yellow noodles made from wheat flour, egg, bean sprouts and fried fish pontongan with chili spices and is very easy to find typical. If  you are in Anambas but you do not need all the way over there weeks to enjoy it. In Tanjung Pinang there is one place that has been known to sell noodles. Tapempa Bintan taste the coffee shop is located at the Basuki Rahmat.






Lempok durian is made from a kind of lunkhead Siantan delicious durian fruit. Anambas typical comestible has a distinctive flavor and is more legit than Lempok Sumatra or Kalimantan durian style. Lempok making is done for generations by people with simple technology. To get it. You can buy it in a number of food stalls spread across a number of points in the city Tarempa or Letung.






Lakse is a kind of food noodles mixed with spices typical blend of Chinese and Malay. Lakse has a round shape white noodles and a little thick. Lakse name is taken from the Sanskrit word that has many meanings, showed that lakse noodles made with various herbs. Lakse Anambas distinctive in the category lakse curry. The sauce is spicy and fatty and rich spices, delicious and guaranteed to make you addicted to try again.




Anambas typical crunchy food is made from tuna fish and savory deliciousness is very suitable to be enjoyed as a snack or eat your friends. In the city Tarempa or Letung, traditional snacks can be obtained in taverns kelontongan or directly to him. Generally this atom crackers produced by households and in limited quantities. Sometimes even the only manufacturer producing transform and fulfill orders only.






Teh tarik is a drink typical tensile Riau Islands Province is generally formulated by those ethnic India. This drink is given in the form of tea sweetened condensed milk is poured from one glass to another glass (withdrawn). In this withdrawal process, the content-abortion tea and milk are becoming increasingly well blended and the aroma is also out. This withdrawal process also helps cool the temperature of the drink and provide a layer of soft foam on top. Not hard to find teh tarik in the Riau Islands Province. Because in almost all coffee shops hawking drinks that one.











Been to Kijang Bintan, a time to visit the coffee shop this one. His name coffee shop hawaii. That said, the coffee is blended in this shop has a distinctive taste, different copies elsewhere. Interested? Come and see for yourself. But do not be surprised, if come to this shop, you might not get chairs because since the early morning, this shop has visitors especially those coffee lovers hawaii.






This is one of the typical culinary Batam that you should try when they travel to Batam. Batam fish soup is usually made from mackerel fish and include clear soup or soup category with a sauce that tends to clear. A little taste of lime juice and a few drops of soy sauce. Then if you like the taste of spicy, please add the chopped chili to inside. It feels? It is definitely delicious and savory.











Who does not know Otak otak? Indonesian food is easily found in the Riau Islands Province. Also a variety of shapes and kinds. The main ingredient in the form of fish but most certainly there is also a mixture of cuttlefish. Masng each area, has its own peculiarities in dispensing brains. But packaging remains the same, that is wrapped using palm leaves. Brains easily found in a number of areas such as Tanjung Pinang, Kijang, Moro, Tarempa, Ranai, Batam etc.




For those of you who first vacations to Riau Islands Province do not be surprised if you can not find the words sweet iced tea on the menu at store or restaurant. Because, in the Riau Islands Province calling people over familiar sweet iced tea as " Teh obeng" the term " Teh obeng" comes from the word "lawyer" is in Chinese language means ice. However, most of the Malays are more often referred to "beng" instead of "peng" as the original word. This Teh obeng own flavor of tea as well as iced tea sweet most.












For those of you seafood fans, if you come to the Riau Islands Province, try the grilled fish jajal. In other areas, people usually often use soy as a main ingredient, but in personality, flavor grilled fish is turmeric and garlic. Of course acquired taste different. More savory and crunchy. Many options are offered jens fish, ranging from fish Selar Bawal, Pari, Round, Cuttlefish, Shrimp, etc..




Philosophy "Let the mouth broke do not break the hands" describes how a person has a noble ethics at mealtime. Not least when you're tasting a comestible. If someone nobility and sloppy rush when eating or tasting snacks, then reflect how bad the behavior of the nobility. This is a wise message of an aristocratic Malay food called a bad pastry sticks. Names may be worse, but that delicious taste will make you addicted.








Beram Deram is a Malay traditional cakes are widely available in Tanjung Pinang on the island in particular Penyengat. This cake shaped like a donuts has a hole in the middle. It's just a smaller size, and of course the resulting taste different. Curious? Do not miss this buy snacks when they travel to Tanjung Pinang or Penyengat Island.







Billis cake roll is usually enjoyed by people of Riau Islands Province as an afternoon snack or friends watching television. It was savory and delicious. Because it can be long lasting up to several months, this cake would make a fruit cake. Obtain Billis is almost there in every souvenir shop. For every 300 gram cakes priced at about 30,000 rolls Billis.







For those of you who want to travel to Batam, then you must try the typical souvenirs Batam this one, the Cake Pisang Villa. Comestible this one has a very interesting flavor variations are: black forest, blueberries, cheese, coconuts, mix fruit, mocha, and original. With attractive packaging, and it tastes good, banana cake villa you can make presents for family colleagues, neighbors, and your boss.





Source : Tourism Promotion Board of Riau Islands Province


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