Batik gong-gong

It's not complete when they travel to Tanjungpinang but did not bring a souvenir batik gong gong. Batik whose name was adopted from the typical food of the Riau Islands Province has now become legitimate batik Tanjungpinang city, after the copyright registered in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Since then, batik is not only known to bark in Riau Islands Province but also up to foreign countries. Batik bark samples even been immortalized in the textile museum in Jakarta. To get this batik, when to Tanjung Pinang. You can choose either a miraculous motifs and materials barking. Only if you want to model and certain motifs. You have to be patient because the author takes two to three weeks.



Batik motif mat Serasan

Woven pandanus mats and so motif? It's just there in the Riau Islands Province. Serasan named Batik Motif Mat, batik is designed by famous designer Ramli. Ramli was produce batik inspired by the beauty of wicker. Pandanus mat results in the hands of skilled craftsmen Serasan, one of the flagship products typical Riau Islands Province and has miraculous times displayed in a variety of sporting fashion show, both held in the Riau Islands Province, Jakarta and other cities in foreign countries like Denhaag (Netherlands) and Berlin (Germany ).


Cual fabric Anambas

Cual fabric is woven native Kepulaan Anambas, the fabric of the local historical record was first mentioned in 1863 made woven enumerated by Hj. Halimah, from the village of Encau Bay, now part of East Siantan District. Currently, cual cloth has five distinctive motif namely, flower puncuk bamboo shoots, hood of food, boat display, a full moon and burning desert. You, if you want to get the most fruit cual fabric dreams, can come to the office Dekranasda Anambas in front of the parliament building in the city Tarempa Anambas prices vary, depending on the type of fabric and the selected motif.



Manto Hood

Manto Hood is one of the famous unique souvenirs in Lingga. Especially for people in Lingga and areas that are still within the scope of Riau Islands Province, handicraft hand crafts have been very attached to because it has been made since 1755. Manto Hood is in fact functioning as a head covering for women who have been married and worn on special occasions such as marriages and Kenduri activities and cultural customs. The process is done through hand stitching author mothers craftsmen, which took two weeks to one month. The price is as unique souvenirs and artistic value, is high. Cheapest is Rp. 800,000; - while the highest can reach Rp. 2,000,000; -




Rod & Coconut shell crafts

Crafts from the coconut shell and the rod includes a souvenir typical mainstay Anambas. Its products are very diverse, as minatur sailboat, rice scoop, wallets, ladles, picture frames, key chains, place the fruit lady bags, tables, pillars ladders, chairs, ashtrays, vases, miniature fish etc. To get product results skillful hands citizen's host. You can visit one of the centers of the author at Whitewater Village Green. Tarempa or it could be to asuk Air Village, District Central Siantan.





Source : Tourism Promotion Board of Riau Islands Province

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