The services industry represents an increasingly attractive opportunity in the Riau Islands Province. As population and living standards rise, it is increasingly becoming a destination where people work for a few years before returning to the villages and cities they came from.

Demand is also rising due increased consumption in the region. As a result, both multinational and internationally focused corporations are looking at Southeast Asian economies as alternative sources of incremental revenue from the advanced economies that traditionally constituted their primary exports markets.

The Riau Islands Province provides a natural venue in which to base tourism, retail and other service facilities that carter to emerging demand within the Province as well as Singapore and foreign visitors and regional tourist. It also can serve as a product and distribution platform to service Southeast Asia as a whole.

Singapore’s rise as a regional financial, logistical and service centers and the ability to ship goods with duty free status in and out of the three Provinces Free Trade Zones (FTZ) also allows for numerous opportunities in back-office, distribution, repair, support and other spaces or labor intensive functions. This provides efficiencies as well as other means to maintain a tight control of cost. For example, one interesting recent development have been talks about housing workers for Singapore’s newly-established casino industry in Riau Islands Province where they can reside at a lower cost that if they were living in the Lion City.

Other possible include hosting business, corporate retreads, training sessions and other meetings in the Riau Islands Province, where they can be held at a fraction of the cost required in Singapore.


 Source : Board of Investment and One Stop Services Riau Islands Province 



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