Spreads throughout Riau Islands Province are beautiful islands with pristine white sand beaches, exotic marine life, breathtaking landscapes and wide diversity of flora and fauna as well as world as class resorts which are always ready to pamper visitors. This is one of many reasons which had made Riau Islands Province the second largest gateway for tourist into Indonesian, with a total of 1.45 million tourist arrivals has opened opportunity for investors to develop more tourism supporting sectors such as hotels and resorts, transportation, marine tourism and many more. Lesser known regencies like Lingga, Natuna and Anambas are also enriched with unexplored potentials for tourism as well as natural resources for more new investments.

The Riau Islands Province are rich with natural and with over 100 ferries every day between the main islands and Singapore it should come as no surprise it is Indonesia’s second most popular tourism destination. The recent introduction of casino gambling into Singapore is expected to further increase the number of visitors to the Lion City. This will increase the importance of the relationship between the Riau Islands Province and Singapore and its tourism potentials in coming years.

In addition to the major islands there are over 2,000 other islands in the Province, waiting to be explored. Many of these offer potential for a wide range of tourism-related initiatives.


Source : Board of Investment and One Stop Services Riau Islands Province 

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