Based on the historical development of the Riau Islands Province on the constructions of the previous five years, socio-economic and cultural aspects, as well as a SWOT analysis of the potential and problem of development priorities, including a focus Region’s Long Term Development Plan of Riau Islands Province of 2005-2025, especially in the first period of stage RPJMD 2010 – 2015. Liaison office is one of the working units that is part of the government’s organizational structure of Riau Islands Province, is obliged to support the vision and mission of the Riau Islands Province with respect to the duties and functions of liaison offices. Therefore, the vision of a liaison office set up as follows:

“Become professional ambassadors of Riau Islands Province in Jakarta and other region“

The above vision statement can be interpreted that the liaison office is a professional representative in the conduct of government facilitation of Riau Islands Province’s interests effectively and efficiently, in order realizing the vision and mission of the Riau Islands Province Provincial Government.


To realize the vision of a liaison office as mentioned above, liaison office has established following missions:

  1. Enhance institutional capacity of liaison office in order to provide services for provincial government and district/city within Riau Islands Province.
  2. Conducting public relations and promotion of the region of Riau Islands Province through the utilization of existing resources.
  3. Establish relations of cooperation and coordination with partners and stakeholders in Jakarta and other regions.

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City & Regency Riau Islands Province



Liaison Office of Riau Islands Province
Jl. Jend.Gatot Subroto Kav.326
Jakarta Pusat - 10210
Telp. 021-579 392 26
Fax. 021-579 392 25
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